An Open Letter to the People Who Are Trying to Kill Us

The world grappling with the ruinous results of Climate Change, everyone is talking about adopting sustainable strategies, but,

Are we doing enough?

We had high expectations from COP26 – they met, some slept.

All they did was preach the same words we have been screaming for years!

It’s Doomsday! We need to change” “To preserve our future! We need to Change” “Rise above the politics! We need to Change!

They pledged and promised and pleaded with people to change.

All these talks of change paint a very optimistic picture but,

Are we doing enough?

The trash that we produce keeps mounting, much like your promises.

The coal isn’t going anywhere, and the emissions being released keep breaking records.

The heat is breaking records, the fires are breaking records, the rains and floods and droughts are breaking records.

So, are we doing enough?

We shift to metal straws and volunteer for clean-ups every other weekend. But would it help?

Clearly not.

The problem is more deeply rooted and far greater than plastic straws. The problem is systematic and the absolute basis of the functioning of our society and economies.

No amount of retweeting angry words or yelling about climate mitigation is going to slow down or even scratch the surface of this insurmountable global issue if we don’t change the system.

What you stand for, what you do, what you drink, eat, poop. Every single thing that you do has to be dictated by the uncompromisable necessity to solve the environmental crisis.

We are done listening to your half-baked promises and plans about what you want to achieve by 2030 or 2050 or 2070. NO!

Tell us what you are doing NOW. Tell us what you are achieving NOW. Tell us how do you plan on saving NOW!

The only way we are surviving this shipwreck is by ACTING NOW. The time for “planning” and “discussing” is long gone.

You should have done that 25 years ago when you already knew what was to come.

All you have done is preach and speak and discuss and talk. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO YOUR BLOODY JOB!

All you have done is praise my generation for “taking a stand” and “starting a conversation”  BULLSHIT!

All you have done is scuttle your way out of the problem YOU created by handing the sails of this sinking ship to literal kids. SHAME ON YOU.

Yes, we are the future, but do we deserve to be burdened with the task of saving the world? Why does the safety of billions of people around the world depend on the actions and demands made by kids and adolescents, and young adults who are forced to fight against climate change, who are forced to battle against the companies and their puppet politicians and who are forced to live against the crippling fear of what is to come?

So if you have guts,

stand up and tell us that you are doing enough.

Stand up and assure us that you haven’t sold the future of my generation to meet your greedy, lecherous demands.

Stand up and convince us that we are not going to die. That we will live to be 80 and be happy and safe; without plastic in our guts and cancer in our lungs.


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the People Who Are Trying to Kill Us

  1. Perhaps the only thing people could withhold to share this open letter is the awful words you use in the letter, which takes the value of your writing down. (Why such F words and shouting?)


  2. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    Please try to see past the ugly words when reading this open letter. It is an open cry that testifies to the despair of young people about the reality that many government leaders do not want to see.

    It is more than necessary that the call to action is spreading all over the world!

    Since it is already a quarter past midnight, it is understandable that some people are losing their faith in the leaders and want to stamp their feet hard in order to get a more hopeful result in time.

    Let us all stand up and raise our voices!


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