Silence: The language of Chaos

I am troubled and you must be too

The world is troubled and all its people too.

I look around and its chaos everywhere.

I close my eyes and there is chaos everywhere.

She yells, some shout.

They scream, they cry.

They exhibit their chaos,

Decorate it with jewels of pity.

I remain silent.

I give away nothing.

I do not share my chaos.

I do not display it on my walls.

I remain silent through and through.

They think I am good but I am behaving.

They think they can see me but I am hiding.

They think I am calm and I wish I was.

I am chaotic inside, and no one knows.

And I tell them not of my fears and feelings

Because I am a coward with a façade of bravery.

And I have a reputation to keep.

I am chaotic inside but not on outside

And you would know this if you knew

That my silence doesn’t speak of calm and quite,

But yells of the chaos inside I hide.

You would know my secrets dark and deep

And my insecurity and uncertainties,

With whom I sleep.

If you spoke the language of chaos,

You would know.

My silence is not that of a meadow,

But of the sky before a storm of torpedo.

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